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Our staff solutions include a wide range of electronic tools that can support the library staff in their tasks in an efficient and pleasant way.

We distinguish:

Staff stations

Beautifully designed stations that can be mounted on or under the desk for optimum working space. The units can be supplied with RFID, Electromagnetic (EM) and Hybrid technology. The stations are used for check-in, check-out and extension services at customer counters and can be used in conversion processes where migration technology from barcode to RFID plays a role.

PC access protection and RFID card readers

With the introduction of the new European legislation on the protection of personal data, the necessity of protecting against data breaches at publicly accessible PCs in libraries has become a fact. Elibron offers an automated response based on RFID readers that provides access only with the personnel card. The card readers that we offer can also be used in other places where public access can be given on company systems, such as self-service counters, vending machines and repro devices such as printers.

Membership cards and card printers

Every library uses membership cards. Elibron offer top quality RFID cards in every version and style that is desired. The RFID cards are much less susceptible to fraud than the barcode cards and offer the possibility to support national data models. You can also turn to Elibron for Zebra card printers that are worldwide considered the best for printing data on membership cards.

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