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  • Trezor bookdrop has been designed to use both internal as and external,
  • Safe return of books, cds, dvds and journals,
  • Return of books at any time, even beyond the opening hours of
    The library – encourages for the timely return of the book
  • Improves customer service and enables library personnel to
    Perform other tasks,
  • On request of the customer, the opening for the return of the
    Books can be closed
    Book return – bibobox

Improved customer service

  • faster book return
  • shorter lessons to release the book

Safe book return

  • made of high quality materials (powder coated steel),
  • sides and upper part possible to dismantle
  • built-in patent lock
  • possible to be fixed to the ground
  • the books land on the tilting bottom of the trolley,
    What keep them in good condition
  • securing books against flooding and burning books

Two-door mechanism

  • prevents throwing of other materials,
  • protection against removing the returned book from Inside trezor


  • chest: 760 x 760 x 1250 mm
  • trolley: 680 x 680 x 560 mm
  • book return window: 350 mm x 100 mm
  • chassis – 75 kg
  • cart weight – 25 kg

Cart with a tilting bottom

  1. Removable handle with lock;
  2. Energy absorbing bottom while book falling;
  3. Rubber wheels (noise reduction, easy driving a trolley),
    Diameter wheels ø 7.5 cm, two brakes;
  4. Open work side of the trolley for better ventilation
  5. Max capacity: 150 kg
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